How to Download Video From Youtube, Facebook and Torrent


YouTube is most popular video sharing site.But it's have some Limitation.No one can not upload piracy video or content.But maximum funny video and Music video Tutorials adventure etc publish in YouTube. But sometime you need to download some video.Some People can download video by using some tricks and tools. Also i want share some Tricks and tools.

How to Download Video From YouTube :

 Just go to your Target Video URL and add www.10 or then all same.You can Follow My GIF Format Photo.

How to Download Video From YouTube  Using Tools : 

YouTube Download Manager (YTD):

It's one of another most popular tool for video download.It's also premium software.You can also get  cracked version from torrent website.
How to Use ?
Just copy target video url and paste the it in paste section on the app.Then download it all Size's.

What is Torrent ?
TORRENT is a file extension for a BitTorrent file format used by BitTorrent clients. Torrent files contain text and point out the trackers for a download to begin downloading from distributors (known as seeders) and requesting clients (known as leachers) P2P Connection.

If you want to download any file from torrent website. Just go to torrent website and collect Torrent hash code (But you must need install utorrent app or Torch Browser) and add the hash code with the code. (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:??????????????????????????).


How to Take Screenshot Using Software and Default Windows Application

How to Take Screen Shot

  • From Windows 

  • Which movement to take screen shot on your pc and then  Press (Print Screen Sys Rq or prt sc) Key.

  • Then Open paint application (Windows Default software ).You can also search in your pc "Paint".When it open just Press (Ctrl+v) or paste it.and save it.

  • You can use Snipping Tool. 

  • Just Search on your pc to using to the keyword (Snipping Tool) and open it.Then you can press New and save it.

Using free Software to take Screenshot

  • 1st you need to Download this Software and Need to Install this.After Successfully install it.Then you need to run this application and take Screen Shot as a PNG format.You can also take as a GIF format with edit option 


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How to Remove spam from Facebook

Today i will discuss about Facebook malware.Few Spammer make malware script upload few free hosting server or google blog spot.Then share it on Social Media.If you click the Spam link it's only take some permission from Facebook account.Such as  Create Post, Massage, Share, with Tag.Even It make a link using your photo(Who click the link).It's a attractive post for every be care full do not click every link Without confirm.

Few CSE student also effected by this malware.It's very disappoint for us.

How to Remove Malware

  1.  Login your FB Account
  2.  Download Facebook Malware remover 
  3. Open it and Automatic Clean Your all Malware Post also if you have malware Plugin in your Browser it also removed.
N.B : It may be take long time.But you need to wait for Clean up.


How to Secure Your Google Email

Sample Step to always keep secure your Gmail Account

Gmail or any mail security is mandatory.Because you to used all of website to create account or others service.If your mail will hacked i think your all of Should hacked.

When you create you your gmail account, Please note your,Full name, gmail creation date, recovery mail and Password keep secure it.Don't share it with others.If any body know these information he/she can access in the gmail.

1) 2nd Step verification 

When you login from different browser and device, it will sent you a unique key in your Phone number, Which phone number you have setup in your gmail account.

Phone Verification is most powerful secure option.Because, If any hacker will know your mail and mail password he can not login your gmail.

2) Clean Your Browser Data

When your work will end.You need to log out from browser and also need clean your all browser data.


How to Secure your Facebook account from Hackers

Follow Three step to makes secure your Facebook Account.

1) Enable Second Step Verification

Go to Home -> Account Settings -> Security -> Login Approvals
Facebook Secure 1
Facebook Secure 2

Facebook Secure 3

Set up your personal phone number.When you try to login from different will sent you 6 digit security key.
if any hacker get your password, They can not login your account without security key.

(2)To Enable Login Notification
Go to Home  Account Settings -> Security -> Login Alerts.
Facebook Secure 4
Get an alert when anyone logs into your account from an unrecognized device or browser.

3) Always check your Active Sessions.

It will provide you that Which device from log in now and which device from log in,also It will provide every login activity.

Facebook Secure 5

To Check Active Sessions
Go to Home -> Account Settings -> Security -> Where You're Logged In

4) Clean Your Browser data after logout from your device
You can use click and Clean Adons for clean your Browser data.


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