How to Secure your Facebook account from Hackers

Follow Three step to makes secure your Facebook Account.

1) Enable Second Step Verification

Go to Home -> Account Settings -> Security -> Login Approvals
Facebook Secure 1
Facebook Secure 2

Facebook Secure 3

Set up your personal phone number.When you try to login from different will sent you 6 digit security key.
if any hacker get your password, They can not login your account without security key.

(2)To Enable Login Notification
Go to Home  Account Settings -> Security -> Login Alerts.
Facebook Secure 4
Get an alert when anyone logs into your account from an unrecognized device or browser.

3) Always check your Active Sessions.

It will provide you that Which device from log in now and which device from log in,also It will provide every login activity.

Facebook Secure 5

To Check Active Sessions
Go to Home -> Account Settings -> Security -> Where You're Logged In

4) Clean Your Browser data after logout from your device
You can use click and Clean Adons for clean your Browser data.


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