How to Remove spam from Facebook

Today i will discuss about Facebook malware.Few Spammer make malware script upload few free hosting server or google blog spot.Then share it on Social Media.If you click the Spam link it's only take some permission from Facebook account.Such as  Create Post, Massage, Share, with Tag.Even It make a link using your photo(Who click the link).It's a attractive post for every be care full do not click every link Without confirm.

Few CSE student also effected by this malware.It's very disappoint for us.

How to Remove Malware

  1.  Login your FB Account
  2.  Download Facebook Malware remover 
  3. Open it and Automatic Clean Your all Malware Post also if you have malware Plugin in your Browser it also removed.
N.B : It may be take long time.But you need to wait for Clean up.


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