What is Malware ?

Malware is just like a script or unusual tools. It's always harm your website or server and your device. It used for thief your Data or information and money. It's continue made by some Black Hat Hacker to earn money to Black way or Intentionally on someone. but i would like discuss about malware but it's adware but it auto generate from the Malware in web server.

I am Shamim. I am working with cyber security in cyber world. I have an account
Fiverr and Upwork I have been solved lot's of web server malware problem. But I am recently face an unique malware issue for Hostgator server. The server has continue generate some adware code into JavaScript and PHP file. That's way your server all of website redirected into a spam and malware website.

Redirected website Below

How to worked ?

The malware load into index.php file using header file by Javascript CharCode. The code continue generate as randomly CharCode. Also the link create infinity loop. When any one load the JavaScript file it will create an set cookie and set cookie value is randomly added.

How to Solved ?

  • Please check all of Javascript file and removed all of the Malware code.

  • Check all header.php file or Header file and you have to removed  malware link according to image below 

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