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Today I will discuss Cracking password. The password is the common thing to secure your virtual world like intranet accounts mobile pc or any other devices. Anyone can crack any password. But it has some condition like it maybe takes too big time or few. It depends on Password cracking Algorithm or sometimes you can crack easily in few minutes if you make special word-list for individual password crack and if your luck with you.

Every Cyber Security specialist suggest that use the strong password to keep safe online or any account. But if a hacker gets your encrypted password it's should be cracked.But it's one kind of suggestion not decision. because if you make strong password it will so hard to crack your password but still cracked able this password.

Here is one another thing to get password easily if a user uses common password in everywhere with the same password.

How to find this password?

First of all, I want to say this trick will work well or maybe not worked well.But you can try.Suppose you want to get access any victim account this account should be anywhere. Just collect some information about your victim, like email, name or How much info you have collected.Then search in google and found Where is the place the victim did create account and you can try get access any vulnerable website with the database.If you got success, you should get the user password and now you can try to login with which account get to access using this password.The maximum user uses one password in While it will work well if the user uses one password in everywhere.

Now I want to discuss Cracked MD5 or SHA-1 Hashes

How to Crack  MD5 or SHA-1 Hashes?

1. Download the The Cracker
2. Extract The ZIP file.
3. Copy cmd.exe from Default windows installation drive it's should be C: drive.


How to Make sure our security from any email come to you || Cyber Security and Web Consultancy

To day i will discuss about email. All internet user always given first priority to email and in future it's will same position. Every internet user have email. But someone use gmail,yahoo, mail, Microsoft email or they can use private email server with own domain.

What is email ?

Email is someone sent you to something and you will received that means it called information shearing. Virtual things Give and Take.

But now maximum user use email for anywhere to create account and need to maintenance by the email. So every user email need to security from hacker.

How to secure your Email ?

Firstly please keep in your mind  Cyber world is not secure. You have to make believed it. Any time can occurs anything. No one give  you guaranty that online is secure.

  1. Keep Strong Password and
  2. Change your password after few days
  3. Don't use common password
  4. Don not use email password in any where
  5. keep on your Second step verification.

Always check where from you are login your email account (Gmail) and if seen number of device with you have connect so make sure those device is it your's or not. if not remote logout from this.

Why you have to use different password in different website to Make sure your Secures ?

Suppose you are using gmail. Gmail have much security. If anyone want to crack your password it's not easy, so difficult. But if you use this email information in create account in anywhere like buy sell product or alluring website or any where.

So when you create your account using any information it's always saved in there database
so now think about it.

No one easily hack gmail account but if you use your gmail info with password to create an account in unsecured website which website any one can hacked. Easily your gmail account got hacked. So carefully use your information to create any profile in any website.

How to Avoid Scam or unwanted email or How to understand About SCAM Email or Spoofed Mail .

Disclose your email row data and find which server from this email come from.
Please the Image and follow it .


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